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Most people think the hazards of microwave cooking are simply involved with microwave emissions from the unit outward and into anxiously awaiting spectators. No big deal. It only takes a few minutes. But much more importantly, microwaved cooked foods can become toxic and carcinogenic.
This is not just hearsay or “fake news” nor is it corporate counter propaganda or merely agitprop. It’s real science, mostly suppressed and marginalized.
When 90 percent of domestic dwellings, offices, restaurants, and even hospitals have and use microwave ovens, you know there would be enough vested interest to defend their use and stonewall any science that threatens both sales and the convenience so many prefer to rely on.
This article is an attempt to display a preponderance of evidence sufficient for readers to at least question the wall of denial from defenders of microwave cooking, both the industrial interests and those who are addicted to its convenience.
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