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If you don’t have the money to buy diet plans from so-called fitness gurus online, don’t sweat it. Like I’ve done for thousands of other successful dieters, I will give you the most effective of ALL free diets, the cool thing is that you can use it exactly as is or tweak it to your liking.
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1.5 weird ways to stop an infection (or prevent one in the first place)
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2.This kind of food is both filling and insanely good for you
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5.Complete list of cancer fighting foods
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7.The hips, waist, thighs workout: dangerous curves ahead
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8.This exercise is more powerful than 1,000 sit-ups: spare 60 seconds a day and in only a month you will have a flat stomach
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9.How to make a facial oil perfect for your skin type
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10.The leaves of soursop are 1000 times stronger at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy
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11.The best foods for all-day energy
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12.4 orgasms every woman should have
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